Production Test List

Signed up for a production test? Check this list to make sure you know what you are competing in.

Lauren Robeznieks- Word Processing 2
Nick Gellos – Word Processing 2
Gina Anderson – Word Processing 2
Olivia Schrimp- Accounting 2
Kate Zurschmeide- Accounting 2
Austin Hunsdon- Accounting 2
Bryn Hudson- Spreadsheet Applications
Eric Landmark- Spreadsheet Applications
Marissa Miller- Word Processing 2
Monique Chalumeua- Desktop Publishing
Zach Salton- Accounting 2
Erika Stahl – Computer Applications
Brandon Durdel – Word Processing 2
Perry Gadinas – Word Processing 2
Travis Johnson –  Word Processing 2
Jen Williams – Computer Applications and Desktop Publishing
Hannah Hawkinson – Computer Applications and Word Processing 2
Hanna Thompson – Computer Applications and Word Processing 2
Jack McDonnell – Database Design and Applications
Mollie Freel – Database Design and Applications
Brianna Herron – Desktop publishing
Soledad Diggs – Dekstop Publishing
Mikayla Ngo – Accounting 2
Gagan Mahli – Accounting 2
Brandon Yee – Accounting 2
Kyle Gager- Database Design and applications
Nicole Lorence- Desktop Publishing
McKenna Martin-Desktop Publishing
Veronica Millman – word processing 2
Kenzie Scott –  Word processing 2
Taylor Bromani – Desktop Publishing
Heather Campbell -Desktop Publishing
Maggie Ritcher – Computer Applications
Rikkel Simpson – Computer applications
aly hackleman- computer applications
dani schaffer- computer applications
Sean Pellatz- Accounting 2
Ashley Owens- accounting 2
Benjamin Paul word processing 2
Naoki Minato word processing 2
Alex flaten word processing 2
Nishan Senthirajah accounting 2

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