Business Achievement Awards: Click Here 


BAA Help

Click the link below to find your BAA team and the officer leading it.


What are BAA’s?

There are four levels: Future, Business, Leader, and America. Within each level you must complete a number of tasks. However, these tasks are not very hard to complete. They will become harder as you progress through the levels, but advisers, business teachers, and officers are always available to contact with questions.

How do I start my BAA’s?

1. Go to baas

2. Log in – Chapter number: 12119 – Password: given individually

3. If you need your password, ask an officer or Mr. McCaffrey

Why should I do this?

  • It helps you become a better student. It asks you to lay out goals, list your strengths and weakness, and other self reflective questions that will better you as a person.
  • Exposes you to various aspects of the business world. The questions and tasks they have you complete cover a wide range of business concepts which can help you narrow down what you are good at or what you are interested in pursuing after high school.
  • It gains points for our chapter which will help us at the state competition. Each level is worth a different amount: Future 2, Business 4, Leader 6, and America 12.

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