2017-2018 Officer Team


Danny Shell – President

Danny joined FBLA because of his desire to learn about the in-depth process of business and how to apply them in real life. 


Britton Blanchard  – Vice President

Britton joined FBLA to gain experience in the field he wants to someday thrive in.


Nolen Llanes – Marketing/Communications

Nolen joined FBLA to learn more about the business world and to learn about what it takes to be a businessman. 


Nathan Erikson – Accountant

Nathan joined FBLA to challenge himself and to apply many of his skills he has learned at Tualatin High school. 


Kaylee Mo – Secretary/Director of Operations

Kaylee joined FBLA because of her interests in leadership and business.


Emily Pfhaller – Community Service

Emily joined FBLA to challenge yourself and standout to colleges 

IMG_7287_ed_1 (1).jpg

Manasi Sridhar – Community Service

Manasi joined FBLA because it allows her to show and develop her skills as a business woman. 


Devin Boatsmen – Competitions

Devin joined FBLA because of the skills that he can learn outside of the classroom.



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